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  Local Independent Charities recognized the need to classify organizations by cause to assist donors in finding a charity that fits their need, and thus help its member charities participate more efficiently in work-place giving campaigns. This need prompted the founding of four new federations. They are:

- Children's Charitable Alliance
- Children's Charitable Alliance of Texas
- Christian Community Charities
- Local Independent Charities of Texas (Local Independent Charities of Texas)

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Habitat for Humanity volunteers

CCAL, CCAL of TX, CCC, and Local Independent Charities of TX share the same goals and mission of Local Independent Charities of America. To organize and prepare their member charities for effective participation in at-work employee charitable fund drives, screen and certify these charities to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria to participate in these fund drives, help educate contributors about the work of these worthy causes, and to provide for the secure, accurate, and timely transmission of contributions from the fund drives to the recipient charities. And to do all the above as cost-effectively as possible consistent with delivering quality service.

As with Local Independent Charities of America, CCAL, CCAL of TX, CCC, and Local Independent Charities of Texas are governed by an all-volunteer board of directors who receive no compensation for their services.

CCAL: Jessica Kass, President; Sandra Hess, Secretary; Jamie Bordewyk, Treasurer; Dianne Ayon, Member.

CCAL of TX: Sheryl Kane, President; Gretchen Flatau, Vice President; Julie Gamez Miller, Secretary/Treasurer; Barbara Stout, Member; Maureen (Missy) Wood, Member.

CCC: Dawson Clark, President; Christa Noland, Secretary/Treasurer; LauraLee MacDonald, Member

Local Independent Charities of America of TX: Maureen (Missy) Wood, President; Wendell Teltow, Vice President; Julie Miller, Secretary/Treasurer.

CCAL, CCAL of TX, CCC, and Local Independent Charities of TX are registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Their most recent IRS Form 990s and Annual reports are available on the Financial Information page.

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